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Who are we?

Shopinoy is an online Filipino store that gives customers within a hand’s reach of authentic Philippine goods. Our aim is to bring to the market, the very best in Filipino grocery products at the lowest price and for our customers to experience the true Philippine culture through something as simple as grocery items.

With years of experience in conventional retail, we know that we can deliver the quality service we aim for. We have well over 100 items online, be it through your everyday foods, delicious home cooked meals that brings back memories or for your planned weekend party; our wide range of products can cater to all of that. With just a few clicks of a button, we will be bringing to your doorsteps the Filipino brands that you love with our tasty delicacies, health products and refreshing beverages.

Being a family owned business, we place a special focus on creating long-lasting customer relationships through exceptional customer service and listening to the needs of customers like you. We will endeavour to meet all these quality targets and if we ever fall short, our Customer Service team will help to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.